A McDonald’s customer has claimed that shards of glass were found in his sister’s chocolate ice blended drink, which caused her trachea to bleed.

The incident, which reportedly happened on Monday (12th September) night, took place at the Pengkalan Station 18 outlet in Ipoh.

The customer, who goes by the name of Syamil on Twitter, tweeted about the incident the next day (Tuesday, 13th September) and it went viral on the interwebs.


He claimed that the pieces of glass originated from the glass cover of the blender, and his sister, unfortunately, swallowed small pieces of it. Syamil explained that because of the dark colour of the drink, they did not notice the fragment of glasses. It was only after the victim finished the drink did the pain gradually set in.

He has also made a police report regarding the incident.

Source: Syamil's Twitter
Source: Syamil’s Twitter

McDonald’s has also released a statement explaining that they are investigating the matter, and their customers’ safety and well-being are the company’s utmost priority.

The full statement reads:

Regarding the “ice blended” incident that has been circulating on social media, we at McDonald’s are trying our best to contact the related parties for more information. McDonald’s is also currently investigating the accusation and will take the appropriate actions. Of course, the safety and well-being of our customers are our priority and we hope that the public will be considerate while we investigate. Thank you to everyone for your support and care.

UPDATE (19th September, 2pm):

McDonald’s has admitted that the incident was a result of their staff member’s mistake.

In a statement dated 17th September (Saturday), the fast food chain revealed that the foreign object found in the drink was not glass shards as previously believed, but was hard plastic material from a McCafe blender lid.


They also indicated that staff members from the aforementioned outlet brought the customer to the hospital immediately for medical attention.

Source: McKroes via Flickr
Source: McKroes via Flickr

The statement concluded:

We have been made to understand that the customer is currently recovering and we are in communication with the customer through her family to monitor her progress. We wish to reiterate that the safety and well-being of our customers are our top priority. We also wish to assure our customers that we do not compromise on our values and will continue to reinforce all standard operating procedures in our restaurants.”

For more info, visit McDonald’s official website and Facebook page.

Sources: McDonalds (1) (2), Syamil’s Twitter.

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