Jay Park has dropped a new music video!

The title track, named “Aquaman”, was released yesterday (Thursday, 1st September) at 7pm, alongside his digital single album, “Me Like Yuh”.

Source: Jay Park
Source: Jay Park

“Aquaman” will be included in Jay Park’s yet-to-be released English extended play, “Everything You Wanted”. The album was slated to be released in June, but has been postponed to an indefinite date.


The track is fully in English, and the music video features Jay Park performing on a runway in a desert. Several models can be seen strutting down the runway while flashing poses, with the man himself dancing to the tune of the song.

While the music video seems rather normal, the lyrics are slightly explicit and risqué, so watch at your own risk:

The single album “Me Like Yuh” compromises of 2 songs, the title track “Aquaman” and “Me Like Yuh”. Both songs are produced by Cha Cha Malone and are in English.

You can listen to his single album on iTunes.

For more info, visit AOMG’s Facebook page and Jay Park’s Facebook page.

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