DC Comics fans, your prayers have been answered ’cause publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee will be pairing up 2 of its biggest franchises for its next major event – “Justice League vs. Suicide Squad”!

Written by Joshua Williamson (from “The Flash”) and drawn by Jason Fabok (from “Justice League”), the upcoming mini-series will span over 6 issues (2 in December 2016 and 4 in January 2017) and it is a part of DC’s Rebirth initiative.

Source: Screen Rant
Source: Screen Rant

Though plot details for the new epic comic series has yet to be released, Williamson said that the conflict between these 2 teams arises as Batman questions whether the world needs the Suicide Squad when it already has the Justice League to defend it. Judging by the looks of mini-series’ official artwork (above), it seems like Harley Quinn and Batman might form an unusual team.


The hardest part of creating the mini-series is undeniably assigning the characters’ roles as both teams are full of different personalities. “That’s been one of the biggest challenges, easily: trying to make sure every character has a moment, but isn’t forced,” he told The Wall Street Journal.

He also added that the story would also focus on Killer Frost, a new addition to Amanda Waller’s Task Force X. The upcoming crossover event will also tie into “Suicide Squad” issues #9 – #10 and “Justice League” issues #12 – #13 in January.

Source: Screen Rant
Source: Screen Rant

The Rebirth initiative is DC’s attempt to draw in readers who felt alienated by their 2011 “New 52” relaunch.

Remember peeps, “Justice League vs. Suicide Squad″ issue # 1 hits shelves this December 🙂

Sources: Screen Rant, The Wall Street Journal.


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