21-year-old Jayden Koi Kian Boon, who was found washed ashore at Pantai Tengah in Langkawi, was laid to rest today (Monday, 15th August).

Jayden, who is a popular figure in the hip hop dance community in Malaysia and well-loved team leader of dance group Red Lycans, was on holiday with 16 friends last week when he was reported missing.

Source: Jayden Koi's Facebook profile
Source: Jayden Koi’s Facebook profile

The dance champion was swimming in Pantai Cenang with 2 other friends, 20-year-old Tea Wei Jie and 20-year-old Leong Zhen Yen, when he was swept away by strong currents. His friends were rescued by lifeguards at 1:25pm on Thursday (11th August) but it wasn’t until 22 hours later on Friday (12th August) that Jayden’s body was found washed ashore at Pantai Tengah.


Since then, there has been an outpouring of grief and shock from scores of people from the Malaysian dance community, as well as Jayden’s fans. Many of them took to Facebook to share their condolences and disbelief.

“We have so much to say, but you’re so far away. 我们陪你走下这最后一段路. When you’re here you’re always with us, even though you left, we know that you’ll always be with us,” one of his friends wrote on Facebook.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

“Dear Jayden, I don’t have much to say but here’s my last respect to you, I believe God will guide your great soul and I believe you’re in a better place now. I want to remember this day, that people with great heart will always be remembered. Your personality is so strong that you are someone that people will always want to remember not forget. You taught so many people to cherish life and people around them. Everyone loves you and your beautiful soul,” another said.

Under Jayden’s guidance and dedication, Red Lycans emerged champion in the national-level Battleground 2016 hip hop popping dance competition organised by Astro. The group is supposed to represent Malaysia in the Asian Battleground 2016 competition scheduled for 8th October, where they would be competing against top dancers from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Thailand.

Astro Battleground, Astro Malaysia’s dance reality TV series and one of the biggest platforms for street dance in Malaysia, also took to their Facebook page to share a video of Jayden:

Jayden’s wake was held at his family home in Bandar Puteri Puchong before the cortege left for Fairy Memorial Parks in Klang this afternoon.

Rest in peace, Jayden Koi. You will be missed.


Source: The Star.

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