The highly-anticipated “Suicide Squad” is already packed with a large ensemble of characters, but now, word on street is that 1 more character may be showing up – albeit in a cameo role.

It appears that Ben Affleck’s Batman won’t be the only hero appearing in the movie. In fact, fans are now expecting the Caped Crusader’s fellow “Justice League” member, The Flash, to make an appearance.

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Although this particular rumour is not new, it started to gain traction again shortly after the latest DC movie trailer was released at last weekend’s San Diego Comic Con. A sharp-eyed Comic Book Movie writer was analysing the latest “Suicide Squad” trailer when he noticed Jai Courtney’s Captain Boomerang flying backwards from a blast of electricity.


Many of us already know that the wacky crew of Task Force X are made up of Batman villains except for one. Boomerang is known as one of The Flash’s oldest enemies in the comics, making his debut in 1960’s Flash #117.

In the trailer, we see Boomerang robbing a bank, only to be knocked back by a blast of blue lightning. It is speculated that the lightning seen here is identical to the energy Barry Allen releases in the “Justice League” Comic Con footage when he was dodging Bruce Wayne’s Batarang.

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It is believed that the villain is being thwarted by the Scarlet Speedster in some sort of origin/flashback scene. Of course, this lightning scene isn’t concrete proof of The Flash’s appearance, but having The Fastest Man Alive onboard would make sense.

With or without The Flash‘s appearance, “Suicide Squad” will arrive in cinemas 4th August 2016.

Sources: Cinema Blend, We Got This Covered, Movie Pilot.

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