Marvel Comics fans may already be dreaming of the “The Defenders” team-up but before we get to that, fans should first get to know our small screen heroes in their solo adventures.

While we’ve already been introduced to Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage (who just got his own teaser trailer), the last to join the foursome is Danny Rand, otherwise known as Iron Fist.

Source: Marvel

While production for “Iron Fist” is still in its early stages, Marvel’s CCO Joe Quesada revealed during the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) that the titular hero will have his hands full when the Netflix series debuts next year. “I would say that Iron Fist has probably more villains in our 1st season than any of our other shows,” Quesada said.


Aside from the image above, Marvel also treated fans to a closer look at the official “Iron Fist” logo with the caption, “The journey begins. #IronFist #MarvelSDCC“.

The “Iron Fist” teaser opens at the character’s past, showing Danny as a young boy in a doomed airplane. After surviving the plane crash, the orphan is discovered by 2 monks that will help unlock his true potential.

Fast forward to the present time, we see him walking barefoot on the streets of New York City after being missing for years. But something’s off, we see him being whisked away and strapped to a bed in some sort of mental hospital. But thanks to his powerful kung-fu mastery and powerful punches, there’s no wall that Iron Fist can’t smash through.



For more on Iron Fist’s origin story, head on over here.

“Iron Fist” will premiere on Netflix in 2017.

Sources: IGN, /Film, Screen Rant.

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