When BEAST made their comeback earlier this month, it was inevitable that questions regarding former member Hyunseung were raised.

As expected, the members of BEAST had to quell rumours and explain the reason of Hyunseung’s departure when they conducted interviews with several news site and magazines. However, they took it all in good stride, answering the questions in a straightforward manner.

Source: Elle Korea
Source: Elle Korea

When Hyunseung left the group, Cube Entertainment stated that it was due to “differences in personality“, but in an interview with Sports Seoul, Dongwoon gave us an insight into how they reached the conclusion.


He said:

Differences in inclinations was the main reason for the departure. We had large differences in music preferences. BEAST sought a lyrical music colour while Jang Hyunseung preferred strong music from his solo activities and Trouble Maker. The decision was made after discussing this between the members and the company for about a year. We are sorry to fans who loved the 6-member BEAST. I’m not sure what kind of activities Jang Hyunseung will do but I hope you will support him.

Source: goodmomusic
Source: goodmomusic

That’s not to say that Hyunseung’s departure in April did not affect the group. Leader Dujun and vocalist Yoseob explained that the former member was one of the main driving force in the group, and his absence is dearly missed.

Jang Hyunseung’s energy was so strong that the other members could feel it. It might not be possible to fill the empty void with the five of us, but it’s an assignment that we work on to make it appear less empty. We will continue working on fixing this,” said Yoseob.

Source: okmusic
Source: okmusic

However, Hyunseung’s departure might be a blessing in disguise, as Gikwang revealed that the 5 remaining members were able to grow closer because of the incident. He continued, “There’s no way we can fill Hyunseung’s empty spot right now, but we’ll be able to fill it bit by bit in time.

This piece of news might break fans’ hearts, as Dujun revealed that they do not keep in touch with Hyunseung anymore, though he assured fans that there’s no resentment between them.

We know, that’s a lot of information to digest, but well, at least it was an amicable split and the former group members are still on talking terms 🙂

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