Last month, BEAST (otherwise known as B2ST) member Hyunseung (장현승) was under fire for his alleged half-hearted involvement in the K-Pop idol boy group. Fans were apparently beginning to lose their patience with the 26-year-old idol due his worsening attitude problem, with many coming forward to demand an explanation.

Hyunseung and his agency later apologised, promising to reflect and to do better in order to prevent such incidents from happening again.

BEAST Hyunseung


Alas, it seems as though the problem could be worse than we imagined because the idol is missing yet another B2ST activity – a fanmeeting in Taipei.

The hosts of the fanmeeting were quoted as saying, “We’ve been waiting for a confirmed answer from Korea as to if Hyunseung could come to Taipei. Disappointingly, we just heard that Hyunseung will not be making it to the Taiwanese fanmeet. The 5 members will be coming without Hyunseung.” They also said that they were hoping that the friction between Hyunseung and his label would be solved so that Hyunseung would be able to attend the fanmeet but as it turned out, Hyunseung will not be attending it.

And now, rumours are rife that Hyunseung might be leaving the group. akp cited a Kuki News report as saying that various insiders have told them that Hyunseung’s leave from the group was pretty much confirmed.

B2ST Hyunseung

One insider said, “B2ST has already fixed their stage choreography to match Hyunseung leaving the group. Hyunseung had a pretty big part in B2ST’s songs, but the members divided his parts up.” while another insider added, “His leave has been told since about a year ago. When Hyunseung went on overseas schedules, he would take a different plane from the others. Even in Korea, there were frequent times when he rode in a different car.”

We don’t know how much of the above is true but we sure hope that CUBE Entertainment will be able to reassure worried fans soon! As of now, CUBE Entertainment has yet to comment on the rumours. We’ll update this post with more information as soon as we know.

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