Pokemon Go continues to be a growing global phenomenon and although the catch ’em all craze has seemingly taken over pop culture, the game is also causing real life dangers.

During the weekend, an unidentified homeowner in Florida fired a handgun at 2 teenagers who were playing Pokemon Go outside his house, after he mistook them for burglars.

Source: WBRZ

The 37-year-old man was sound asleep in his Palm Coast home when he was woken by a loud noise at 1:30am and went to investigate with a handgun in his hand. According to the authorities, the man initially suspected that the teenagers may have broken into his home and stole something after he heard one of the teens asked the other “Did you get anything?


He didn’t realise that the 2 boys were actually attempting to capture Marowak and Tauros, the virtual reality Pokemon monsters in the game that were listed to be somewhere within the vicinity.

However, when he confronted them and ordered the teens in the car not to move, they panicked and sped away. But not before the man fired several shots at them. Thankfully, none of the 2 boys were reported injured.

Source: Screen Rant

Later that morning, one of the teens’ mothers called the police after discovering the vehicle had bullet holes in the hubcap, fender, and rear tire. The investigation on this case is currently underway.

Contrary to earlier rumours, Pokemon Go is a no-go for Malaysians yet. So several local Pokemon fans have come up with some of the funniest memes of their favourite Pokemons.

Sources: Huffington Post, Screen Rant.

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