We’ve seen the movie poster for the upcoming reboot of “Power Rangers”, and now, Lionsgate has reveal 5 new character posters.

The new promotional posters feature close-ups of the main casts, with their names plastered onto the left side. The signature sign of the movie and a lightning mark can also be seen on the Rangers. Fans who are familiar with the original franchise will also notice that the names of the characters are the same as the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers television series.

Source: Lionsgate/Saban
Source: Lionsgate/Saban

In the upcoming movie, the Blue Ranger, Billy, will be portrayed by Ronald RJ Cyler; Red Ranger, Jason, by Dacre Montgomery; Pink Ranger, Kimberly, by Naomi Scott; Yellow Ranger, Trini, by Becky G; and Black Ranger, Zack, by Ludi Lin.


The re-imagined version of “Power Rangers” will see the 5 struggling with personal issues while trying to save the world from an alien threat led by Rita Repulsa (played by Elizabeth Banks). They soon learn that they are chosen by Zordon to be the Rangers, and are the only ones with the power to save humankind from extinction.

Take a look at the posters here:

To be honest, we were aghast when we found out that “Power Rangers”, the show of our childhood, would be remade into a grittier and more mature version. However, recent posters, which looks quite impressive, if we may say so, might have given us a glimmer of hope. Well, no other way to know then to wait for the release of the movie, right?

Directed by Dean Israelite, “Power Rangers” is expected to reach cinemas on 24th March 2017.

What do you think of the posters? Are you looking forward to the movie? Tell us what you think in the comments box below!

Source: Power Rangers Movie Facebook.

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