Here comes another dose of the Calvin Harris/Taylor Swift public post-breakup feud.

Late last night, PEOPLE magazine posted up the following tweet about Taylor Swift writing Calvin and Rihanna’s hit song, “This Is What You Came For”, under the pseudonym Nils Sjoberg.

Note: That pseudonym though. Nils Sjoberg? Who would’ve guessed!

At this point, you’d think that nothing else can possibly upset Calvin as greatly as the #Hiddleswift (Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston) revelation. Considering how quickly TayTay went from Calvin to Tom, and have since been spotted just about everywhere making out, taking romantic walks on the beach, meeting Tom’s parents, private-jetting across the globe, hanging out at TayTay’s annual star-studded 4th of July bash, etc.


But the article went on to detail how TayTay “wrote the song, sat down at a piano and did a demo into her iPhone” which she then sent to Calvin.

“After recording a full demo, they agreed to keep the collaboration on the down-low, but Swift was hurt after Harris did an interview and said he couldn’t foresee working with his then-girlfriend in the future,” PEOPLE quoted TayTay’s rep as saying, adding that the “royal couple” may have broken up because of that.

Alas, Calvin, who refuses to stand down upon seeing something like this being written about him, took matters in his own hands.


The Scottish musician jumped on Twitter to clarify that, yes, TayTay did have a hand in writing “This Is What You Came For”, but that it was also her decision to use the pseudonym because she wanted to keep it a secret.

But it doesn’t end there. You can’t burn Calvin and get away with it.

Clearly not one to hide that he’s upset with the situation (and we don’t blame him), he goes on to say that he’s hurt, while giving a nod to another highly publicised TayTay feud circa 2012 that we’re all probably familiar with.


And where does Katy Perry stand in all of this? She retweeted one of her own tweets dated 10th May 2015 which read, “Time, the ultimate truth teller.” and added:

Sources: Calvin Harris’ Twitter, Katy Perry’s Twitter, PEOPLE.

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