Wow, that was fast. They say that Taylor Swift aka TayTay has moved on from Scottish DJ/producer Calvin Harris (real name Adam Wiles), but we didn’t expect it to be this quick. And we certainly didn’t expect that it’d be with Tom Hiddleston.

Yes, say it. Tom. Hiddleston. As in Loki. Possibly our future James Bond.

The 26-year-old “Shake It Off” multiple award-winning singer-songwriter, who only very recently broke up with Calvin Harris, was spotted getting cozy with the 35-year-old actor on the rocky beach of Misquamicut beach by her £12m mansion in Watch Hill, Rhode Island. The Sun was the first to break the news of their secret romance, complete with pictures of the duo taking selfies together and making out.


According to E! News, citing an unnamed source, “Taylor is hanging out with Tom. Nothing serious is going on but she is talking to him. They have been out a few times she really enjoys his company. She is not looking to jump into anything this fast, but will take things as it goes nice and slowly.”

Tom, on the other hand, was said to be dating fellow “Avengers” star Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch) but the rumours fizzled out when it was dismissed by Elizabeth, who said that news of their romance was from “a bunch of strangers saying a bunch of stuff that they don’t know about”.

TayTay was believed to have met Tom Hiddleston at the Met Gala back in May, where they sat next to each other at dinner. TayTay had attended the event alone (sans Calvin Harris). At some point, they were spotted dancing along to Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love” together.

Source: E! Online
Source: E! Online

Meanwhile, the “social media detox” has kicked into full gear following the above news of TayTay’s little outing with Tom Hiddleston.

When the news of their breakup first surfaced, Calvin Harris had tweeted, “The only truth here is that a relationship came to an end & what remains is a huge amount of love and respect.” TayTay retweeted it but it has now been deleted.


The DJ/producer has also unfollowed TayTay on Twitter and Instagram, while TayTay has unfollowed him on Twitter and removed a majority of the “evidence” of their relationship from Instagram. Calvin also tweeted the following (which has now been deleted) upon hearing news of (and we assume, seeing pictures of) TayTay’s outing with Tom:

Source: Twitter

Note: The above Twitter screenshot could’ve been photoshopped, we don’t know for sure.

But oh boy, it really is about to go down, alright.

Sources: The Sun, E! Online, US Weekly.

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