Pokemon craze has been sweeping the globe ever since the Pokemon Go app was launched last week.

Now, word on the street has it that Legendary Pictures is working on securing a deal to turn Pokemon into a live-action movie. While nothing has been finalised yet, the company is reportedly throwing pokeballs at the film rights, and according to Deadline, a deal may soon be finalised.

pokemon Movie Web
Source: Movie Web

There have been rumours of various film studios pursuing a live action version of the franchise for quite some time. One early rumour claimed that “Chronicle” scribe Max Landis was onboard to write the script but no word yet if he’s still attached to the project.


According to reports, Legendary was previously close to inking the deal but then everything went silent. After the success of Pokemon Go, the studio has renewed their interest in the property.

Pokemon Go, while not yet available in Malaysia, has already become a sizable pop culture phenomena thanks to its location-based augmented reality mobile game that allows players the chance to catch, trade, and battle virtual Pokemon in the real world by utilising one’s GPS location information.

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Source: Jacob Watson

Since the launch of Pokemon Go, Nintendo’s stock has seen a massive jump of 25% (that’s more than US$9 billion in revenue)! It’s no wonder Hollywood is jumping on this franchise at the height of its craze.

Sources: Movie Web, Coming Soon, Deadline.

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