2 dating news in a day? Just after FNC Entertainment denied that CNBLUE’s Minhyuk and actress Jung Hye Sung are dating, another dating rumour between former Super Junior member Kim Kibum and former 5dolls member Ryu Hyoyoung have surfaced.

Ilgan Sports, a South Korean media outlet, broke the news, explaining that the pair met through a Chinese web-drama, “On-Air Scandal” (unofficial English title), which they are both starring in. However, their agency has since stepped up to deny the news, stating that the rumours are “unfounded”.

Source: Netizen Buzz
Source: Netizen Buzz

Earlier, Ilgan Sports reported that Kibum and Hyoyoung got closer to each other as they were filming the web-drama, and eventually started to date after going through a few challenges together.


Dating rumours surfaced after an insider said that the pair was spotted together at the airport without their respective managers while another source saw them leaning on each other to rest. The latter explained that “anyone could tell they were dating” and Kibum even allegedly lent Hyoyoung his arm for her to rest on.

The unnamed agency of the pair clarified that both celebrities got to know each other through the web-drama, but they are not in any “special relationship”, reiterating that the co-workers are only friends. Regarding several photos taken of the alleged couple in the airport, the agency said, “The photo of the 2 at the airport is a photo that was taken as they were on the way to Jeju Island for work.”

Source: allkpop
Source: allkpop

Kibum left SM Entertainment in August 2015 while 5dolls was disbanded in March 2015. Kibum was a member of popular boy group Super Junior while Hyoyoung is the identical twin sister of former T-ara member Ryu Hwayoung.

Sources: soompi, allkpop.

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