What are the memories of our youth?”

The anticipated trailer for upcoming Chinese romantic-comedy, “So Young 2: Never Gone (致青春2: 原来你还在这里)”, has been released, giving us a glimpse of the characters. The sequel to the 2013-drama film “So Young”, the film stars former EXO member Kris Wu Yifan and Chinese actress Liu Yifei as the titular characters.

Source: Chuan Song
Source: Chuan Song

The 1-minute-19-second trailer may be short, but it packs a lot of jokes. Liu plays a feisty but quiet student Su Yunjin and her character gives off a few laughs as she tries to resist the advances of Kris’ character, the playful and boisterous Cheng Zheng.


From the trailer, it also seems like Kingscar Jin’s Zhou Ziyi will be the comic relief of the movie. The character constantly tries to irk Su, who never fails to retaliate in the most brutal manner she can think of, such as throwing exercise books at him in front of their classmates.

At the end of the video, the words “爱,亦非凡 (Ai, Yi Fei Fan/Love, is extraordinary)”, can be seen on the screen, which is a pun of their Chinese names, Wu Yifan and Liu Yifei.

Watch the trailer here:


“So Young 2: Never Gone” is slated for release on 8th July.

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