In addition to rolling out new Apple ads starring personalities such as singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, American record producer and radio personality DJ Khaled, and Cookie Monster, Apple has now released a series of new videos as part of its award-winning “Shot in iPhone” ad campaign.

Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” campaign began in early 2015 in conjunction with the launch of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus to show off the creative capabilities of its camera. The campaign features photos of iPhone 6 images in ads and on billboards across the globe. In fact, you may have see in on several billboards in Malaysia too.


In early 2016, the “Shot in iPhone” campaign was re-launched to focus on the camera improvements in the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus with all-new images. Last month, Apple released a “Shot on iPhone” user-created ad series in celebration of Mother’s Day. It marked Apple’s first big release of videos for the “Shot on iPhone” campaign in a while.


Now, Apple has once again rebooted the ad campaign with a slew of short ads that encompasses some of the best iPhone videos shot by millions of iPhone users. The 8 new 15-second videos showcase the versatility of the iPhone 6s camera including features like Slow-Mo and low-light performance.

Shot on iPhone John L Malaysia
Source: John L’s “Shot on iPhone” video

More importantly, out of the 8 that were picked from millions of iPhone users is our very own fellow Malaysian, John L, who paid a live-action homage to Murad Osmann’s “Follow Me” Instagram series.

Shot at sundown in Sepang, Malaysia, John L’s video features a girl leading the videographer by the hand while running at the beach and seemingly into the golden sunset. The iPhone camera was able to capture the moment perfectly, accurately rendering both the sky and the low contrast areas on the woman’s back.

Watch John L’s video below:

Can you scream, “Malaysia boleh!”?

And that’s not to say that the other videos weren’t amazing too. There were 2 that were shot in Botswana (slow motion, featuring a majestic swimming hippopotamus) and Antartica (fast-forwarded, featuring 100% cuddly-looking penguins), while another featured a lot of beautiful #cloudporn on a flight between Miami and Curaçao.

Watch the 7 other videos below:


Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” ad series took home one of the top prizes at the Cannes Grand Prix festival last year, with one of the photos being featured in the campaign winning its own Cannes Lions award. To commemorate the big wins, Apple surprised “Shot on iPhone” photographers with a physical photo book of ads from the campaign.

Source: Apple’s YouTube channel.

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