The moment is was discovered that the #iPhone6Plus was physically buggy aka malleable, brands and the general public alike jumped in on a chance to spoof the issue. This is of course not the first time that Apple has garnered such reactions from their products. Remember what happened right after the iPhone 6 launch? What about the really ridiculous but also really funny #iPhone6Questions which trended on Twitter?

This time around, for something this catastrophic, you can only imagine the kind of spoofs/parodies/gags that have since surfaced!

For example, spotted on the photo-sharing website, a tongue-in-cheek website has touted it as a “feature” called “Flex”. The page displays an image of a bent #iPhone6 with the tagline, “Introducing Flex” before going on to say, “Apple’s revolutionary patent aluminium alloy lets users create a more enjoyable viewing experience by molding the iPhone.”


Ooh, ouch:

iPhone Flex Parody

And that’s not all.

Just in case you were wondering how far the phablet-like smartphone can bend, App Partner Development has shared this “enlightening” tweet:

Can you imagine what Spanish artist Salvador Dali, best known for the striking and bizarre images in his surrealist work such as “The Persistence of Memory” would come up with if he had to do an artwork for Apple?

Thanks to this tweet, we can:


Daily LOL site 9gag has apparently come up with the best solution to a bending iPhone 6 Plus!

What, you don’t believe us? They shared it themselves:

Needless to say, smartphone makers have gotten busy in the past 24 hours too.

Predictably, LG Mobile, the makers of the “LG G Flex” has hit them where it hurts most:

Let’s not forget that tech fans are especially conscious about this iPhone 6 Plus flaw.

So much so that they even recalled the Samsung Galaxy Round, which was launched in late 2013:

In fact, Samsung themselves didn’t pass up on the chance to troll Apple (yet again).

This is “noteworthy”, no?:

Samsung GALAXY Note 3 BendGate

And this next one. Oh, you know, because it’s the most innovative privacy feature in a smartphone yet!

Disclaimer: Viewing angles may vary from pocket to pocket: 

Even the confectionary KitKat has jumped onto the iPhone 6 Plus spoofs bandwagon.

The company tweeted the following:

If you thought that car maker Ford was friends with Apple, well, the next #BendGate mockery will change your mind.

Not bad, not bad at all:

Delta Light, too, found it hard to contain themselves from tweeting a gag.

Be enlightened by this one:

And let’s not forget burgers. Because of course burgers will bend if left in your pocket.

But why you’d put a burger in your pocket is beyond us, really:

Can you say, PR disaster?

We’re still waiting for Apple to respond to this matter.

Meanwhile, in case you missed it, a Toronto-based tech blogger Unbox Therapy demonstrated just how much force it takes to bend the smartphone. By using his own iPhone 6 Plus “for the sake of science” and with bare hands, may we add.



If you already own the iPhone 6 Plus or if you’ve ordered it and it’s on its way to you, you might just want to invest in a case to further protect it. And it’s not rocket science but for the love of your smartphone, don’t put it in your back pocket and don’t sit on it.

Also, tech giant Apple has since released an official statement regarding the #BendGate issue. Read it here.

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