Camera+ app-maker and photographer Lisa Bettany has taken it upon herself to track each new advancement in the iPhone camera technology in the past 7 years. As such, she has compiled a series of pictures with all 8 of Apple’s iPhone models thus far (except for the iPhone 5C) to show the difference 7 years have made in terms of camera hardware.

The pictures, all taken with the Camera+ app, were taken from the original iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, and the new iPhone 6 in a variety of situations to test the camera’s capabilities.

The improvements? Pretty dramatic.

Lisa Bettany Sapsnapsnap iPhone Pictures
SnapSnapSnap Lisa Bettany iPhone Pictures
Macro Detail
Lisa Bettany iPhone Snapsnapsnap Full Backlit
Lisa Bettany iPhone Snapsnapsnap Sunset
Lisa Bettany iPhone Snapsnapsnap Daylight
Lisa Bettany iPhone Snapsnapsnap Portrait Detail
Portrait Detail
Lisa Bettany iPhone Snapsnapsnap Lowlight

While the iPhone 6 showed improved lowlight capabilities over the 5S, Bettany found that the camera’s reproduction of skin tones while shooting portraits to be “slightly pixelated and blotchy-looking” and its rendering of sunset to be “much flatter” than efforts from iPhone predecessors.

That having said, the iPhone 6 camera is  faster to shoot and easier to focus and hence, the images taken with the iPhone 6 camera show greater detail and are significantly better – especially in lowlight (as seen in the picture above). Still a win!


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