Keep an eye out for more exciting collectibles from Royal Selangor’s hugely successful Star Wars collection, an on-going collaboration with The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia.

This time the spotlight falls on the iconic characters and elements, both old and new, from the ever-expanding Star Wars universe.

SW III KyloRen_01


Leading the new line-up is the limited edition Kylo Ren figurine. The powerful presence of the fiery leader of the First Order is meticulously captured. From the precise lines on his eyeless mask, the grainy texture and folds of his costume to his stance, the high level of detailing accentuates the air of menace that radiates from Darth Vader’s heir apparent.

The thrilling Podrace where Anakin Skywalker won his freedom from slavery is immortalised in a limited edition diorama.

SW III Diorama_02

From the rocky cliffs of Tatooine to the massive engines of the small one-man craft, the unique features of this exciting scene are beautifully recreated in 3-dimensional form.

Other must-have collectibles include the sandcrawler trinket box and the R2-D2 canister, perfect for storing valuable keepsakes. Check out more pictures from the collection below:

Do you want ’em? View these additions at any Royal Selangor retail store, authorised dealers, and online.

Meanwhile, get the lowdown on what happened behind the scenes of the #STARWARSxRoyalSelangor collaboration here.

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