Star Wars fans, here’s a Royal Selangor momento you’d want to have – and keep!

By “keep”, we mean guard with your life.

Star Wars Royal Selangor - Stormtroopers


Royal Selangor has announced a collaboration with The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia to develop a collection to commemorate “Star Wars“, one of the most successful movie franchises of all time and a worldwide popular culture phenomenon.

“Star Wars has made a huge cultural impact on at least two generations of moviegoers. It is an honour to be working with Disney South East Asia to immortalise the characters from this incredible franchise,” says Yong Yoon Li, Executive Director of Royal Selangor International.

This collaboration will see Royal Selangor introducing Star Wars-themed pewter merchandise and accessories over the next 3 years, with the first line-up to be launched in August 2015. The launch in August will include limited edition figurines as well as collectibles such as cufflinks, flash drives, tumblers, and tankards.

Star Wars Royal Selangor - Yoda

Royal Selangor has also received the rights to distribute the “Star Wars” collection in several countries, including Australia, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, and the UK.

Store locators are as follows:

“We are focused on creating compelling, creative and quality products and experiences that provide Star Wars fans another avenue to engage with and immerse in their favourite stories and characters. We work with best-in-class brands like Royal Selangor to fulfil and exceed fan’s expectations every time,” said Gan Lay Koon, Director of Retail and Licensing of The Walt Disney Company, Malaysia and Singapore.

Think you can’t have cool pewter things? Think again 😉


Star Wars Royal Selangor - Darth Vader

For more information, visit Royal Selangor’s Facebook page.

Don’t forget! “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is slated for cinematic release on 18th December 2015.

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