If you haven’t watched “Star Wars: The Force Awakens“, turn back because this post may contain some spoilers. Also, if you haven’t watch it until now, what’s wrong with you?

No, seriously.

Now, if you’re a “Star Wars” fan who’s active on Twitter and love following very “punny” character parody accounts, you probably are already following Depressed Darth and Yoda. The Depressed Darth Twitter account has been around since 2010 and even has it/his own Instagram account whereas the Yoda Twitter account was created in 2008 and has since spawned its own Facebook page.

Both accounts have tens of thousands of followers because they’re awesome like that.

rollin bb8

Since the release of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, 2 new character parody Twitter accounts have gained attention and are rapidly gaining followers: Very Lonely Luke and Emo Kylo Ren.

And as one would expect, Very Lonely Luke tweets about being in solitary like when we last saw him in the film – alone and staring at the sea. Which clearly gave him a lot of time to ponder his “space soap opera about family issues” life while everyone tripped over each other, getting killed or almost getting killed over a map which will eventually point towards his hideout.

Like, thanks, Luke.


Meanwhile, Emo Kylo Ren aka Ben Solo aka son of Han Solo and Leia and former student of Luke is very much like how he is in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” – battling with his demons. The new, raven-headed Dark Side kid rants just like how any other emo teenager approaching the strange realms of puberty would e.g. hating everything, being awkward, worshipping the ground that Darth Vader walks on, generally being a brat “at home”.

Oh, he also shares the secret to his perfect hair. Would you have expected any less from this kid anyway?

Go follow the accounts for your daily bite-sized dosage of “Star Wars” fun 🙂

Okay, we’ll throw one more in for good measure just in case you’re not convinced if you should.


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