Last week, we introduced some really cool alternatives for the Touch N’ Go card: auto-reloadable cards, shopping cards, and even an automotive card.

What we didn’t expect was for Touch N’ Go Malaysia to release a “TimeTraveller Watch”. Touted as the “1st Contactless Card Payment Watch in Malaysia”, it looks like a normal watch, but is actually embedded with a sim card that allows users to pay their tolls just by tapping their watch to the card reader.

TimeTraveller Watch Touch N Go


Not only can you pay for tolls with this watch, it also allows users to shop, dine, and even travel. As the watch can be reloaded with credit of up to RM1,500, transactions for public transports, convenience stores, and even selected restaurants can now be executed without any cash changing hands.

Touch N’ Go Malaysia has also appointed 11street as their sole online distributor for the “TimeTraveller Watch”. 11street is retailing the watch at a steal, selling it at only RM222 inclusive of 6% GST and free shipping within Malaysia. However, be fast, because it only applies for the 1st 100 customers.

Don’t trust online stores? The “TimeTraveller Watch” will retail at Touch N’ Go Hubs at The Sphere, Bangsar South, and KL Sentral, albeit with a more expensive price at RM239, not inclusive of 6% GST.

Source: 11street
Source: 11street

The “TimeTraveller Watch” is available in Black and White, with more colours to be made available soon.

For more information, visit 11street’s official website or Touch N’ Go Malaysia’s official Facebook page.

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