Video gaming fans who have been eagerly waiting for “Warcraft: The Beginning” to hit the big screen will finally get to watch their favourite video game come to live when it premieres this week.

Daniel Wu, who plays the evil orc warlock Gul’dan, recently admitted that he had originally turned down the role. But when he revealed to his wife, Lisa S., that the American movie was actually “Warcraft”, she immediately encourage him to accept the offer.

daniel wu
Source: 2P

When she gave birth to our baby, I promised my wife that I would take a year off to take care of her and the baby, during which they approached me for the role. When she heard that it was a “Warcraft” movie, she said, “You have to do it! You have to do it!”, so I quickly said yes to the offer,” said Wu during a press conference in Beijing.


Gul’dan is an ugly orc warlock who leads his people of Horde from their dying world of Draenor through a magic gate and into the human realm of Azeroth. Known for possessing some seriously dark magic – the kind that consumes souls – he has malicious tactics of making sure his soldiers are ready for battle.

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Gul’dan thinks magic is what they need to insure the survival of their species. He has to take souls — humans, other animals — and feeds off them. That’s his fuel. Even though it’s corrupting and makes (the orcs) turn into huge monsters, he thinks that’s the only way to go,” Wu previously said of his role.

Although he has never played the game before, his wife did for many years. “Because I watched her play the game for 5 or 6 years but actually I don’t play it. So the history, the character, the relationships with each other, I just used her as the reference. I mean you can look the stuff online but it’s very confusing, very very confusing. Because the lore is books in books in books,” he told 2P.

That is, you know, so much information about the history, the character and where did they come from all that stuff is very confusing actually. It’s good to have my wife around to teach me how to act for a film for the first time ever,” the California-born actor added.

Check out the film featurette for Gul’dan below:

“Warcraft: The Beginning” will be released in all of its CGI-dominated glory on 9th June 2016.

Sources: Cinema Online, 2P, USA Today.

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