Don’t L.I.E, we know you’re in love with EXID 😉

Popular girl group EXID is finally back after a year, this time with “L.I.E”. The music video was released yesterday (Wednesday, 1st June), along with the full studio album. The title track was written and composed by Shinsadong Tiger, Bumi Nangi, and fellow EXID member LE.

Source: EXID Twitter
Source: EXID Twitter

Other than “L.I.E”, the album, “Street”, contains a total of 13 tracks, with most the songs written and produced by LE. “Will You Take Me”, “If You Know”, and “Well Deserved” are some of the songs that will be included in the album.


Apart from that, Hani and Solji, vocalists of the group, each have a solo titled “Hello” and “3%” respectively. Members Jeonghwa and Hyelin will also work together on a duet titled “Yum Yum”.

Source: EXID Twitter
Source: EXID Twitter

The music video, shot in vibrant colours, portrayed the members of EXID as staff of a hotel, working as the receptionist, cleaner, and even the car valet. We have to admit, the girls do look striking in their blue and purple hotel uniforms!

However, the song is not cohesive, as it changes from one genre to another in a matter of seconds. “L.I.E” starts off with a very slow ballad melody, slowly picks up speed on the rap part of the song, and ends with an EDM dance break.

Surprisingly, we like it!

Watch the music video here:

EXID was fairly unknown until a fancam of Hani performing their 2014 single, “Up & Down” went viral. It has since garnered 19 million views on YouTube and the group has released several other hit songs such as “Ah Yeah” and “Hot Pink”.

For more details, visit EXID’s official website and Facebook page.


Source: soompi.

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