SM Station, SM Entertainment‘s digital music platform, has unveiled another stellar release. After several impressive ballads, for example, “Rain” by SNSD‘s Taeyeon, “Tell Me (What Is Love)” by EXO‘s D.O., and “Borders” by f(x)‘s Amber, the entertainment company outdid themselves again.

The latest track is EXO Lay’s “独角戏 (Monodrama)”, which is the 1st Chinese song released by SM Station. The music video was released simultaneously with the digital single on midnight today (27th May).

Source: SM Entertainment
Source: SM Entertainment

Shot in black and white, the music video’s minimal colours portray the bleakness of unrequited love. The lyrics tell the tale of a man who is still hung over a girl even after she leaves him. Unable to move on, Lay sings about the painful and desperate emotions the man feels.


The heart-rending music video might not showcase any picturesque visuals, but the simplistic shooting style successfully conveys the sentiments of the composer. Models Kim Jong Hoon and Shim So Young are also featured in it.

While it did tug on our heartstrings, the sight of Lay with tears flowing down his face broke our hearts 🙁


“Monodrama” was produced by Divine Channel, with Lay participating in the composition and arrangement of the track.

SM Station was created on 3rd February and aims to release one single every week for 52 weeks. The project will showcase the musical capabilities of a different artiste every week, including artistes from within SM Entertainment and also other music labels.

The next SM Station single will be released on 3rd June.

Source: soompi.

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