f(x) member Amber (엠버) is on a roll!

Following the 2 recently released music videos for her “Crossing” project, Amber is back again with her latest track, “Need To Feel Needed”.

Amber Need To Feel Needed
Source: YouTube screenshot

The idol first announced via Twitter a couple of days ago that a music video was on its way. The English track, a cute and romantic love song, dropped at midnight today (Wednesday, 25th May). From what we know, “Need To Feel Needed” was partially written, composed, and arranged by Amber herself. And it has an equally cute video in tow!


The music video offers a glimpse of Amber singing and rapping on a rooftop, with the scenes switching between her friends, her with her friends, and her alone. There are also instances where Amber is seen dancing and fooling around in a colourful ball pit (which was previously teased via her Twitter post) with her buddies.

Source: soompi
Source: soompi

“Cause baby I, I’m drowning, I’m drowning in the thought of you. In the thought of you. Don’t have to go. Oh, oh. Here we know now till the break of dawn we go, go.”

Hey, if it’s just another ordinary day in the life of Amber, we want to be a part of it! Where do we sign up? 😉

Watch the music video below and spot the special animal cameos:

Amber’s “Need to Feel Needed” is the 3rd single off her “Crossing” series, which has also featured the tracks “Borders” and “On My Own”.


For more information, visit SM Entertainment’s Facebook page.

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