It’s project involving an unlikely duo but now that the official music video is out, we’re glad it happened!

A few days ago, it was confirmed via a beautiful teaser image that miss A’s Suzy (수지) and EXO‘s Baekhyun (백현) will be releasing a track together titled, “Dream”. The duet would mark an astounding and legendary collaboration between not only JYP Entertainment and SM Entertainment, but also for the vocalists’ respective K-Pop groups.

Suzy Baekhyun Dream
Source: SM Entertainment

Behind the scenes, “Dream” is the work of producer Park Geun Tae, a US and European-based production company called Design Music, and composer Choi Jin Suk. The track is a jazzy, neo-soul song that showcases Suzy syrupy sweet voice and Baekhyun’s vocal prowess.


In the music video, the idols are dressed in earthy, mellow tones with Suzy in a flowy top and Baekhyun looking dapper in a suit but with hints of soft pink in his hair. They also playfully cast glances at each other throughout the song, before that cute fist bump right at the end of the music video.

It’s enough to make any miss A fan or EXO-L feel warm and fuzzy inside 🙂

Swoon over this one:

Talk about a dream come true, eh? 😉

“Dream” will also have a live club version included in the music release.

For more information, visit Mystic Entertainment’s website.

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