It’s official! The global official fanclub for K-Pop idol boy group EXO is finally here.

3 years after their debut, EXO is recruiting fans to join the first official fanclub that was launched by their company, SM Entertainment. Due to the group’s immense popularity, the official website even became inaccessible shortly after the launch.


EXO’s youngest member Sehun has taken the opportunity to upload a selfie on his Instagram with the caption, “2014.8.5 #EXO-L”. Clearly, the member himself was also excited about the launch of the fanclub as he put up the “L” sign with his fingers to promote the fanclub.

But what does EXO-L stands for?

In a Youtube video, the members explained that “L” stands for “Love” and it is the 12th alphabet, which is situated between K and M in alphabetical order. As EXO is composed of sub-units EXO-K and EXO-M, the letter L signifies the love and support given by the fans. Thus, the combination of K, L & M is seen as the strength for the group’s slogan, “We Are One”.

Through the official fanclub, the fans will be given the access to check their schedule and join their special events or contests. A chatting event will be held once a week from 6th August onwards to celebrate the launch of the official fanclub as well.

EXO L Mobile App

On top of that, the official mobile application has been launched and it will be made available on the iTunes store soon. Android phone users can download the app as well via the Google Play Store. A special barcode and mobile membership card will be given to those who downloaded the specialised mobile app.

Well, isn’t this the best fanclub ever? For more information, check out their official website and join the fanclub now!



If you’ve failed to log into the official website of EXO-L, this is probably because the website has crashed due to the heavy traffic!

With regards to the situation, the company has apologised, stating that they’re trying their best to fix the server problem. The company also said that the chatting events will be rescheduled once the server becomes stable.

Notice regarding EXO-L Homepage Access and Change in Event Schedule

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment has also opened a new website for Japanese fans too! The fanclub charges 1,000 yen for the gold membership and the annual fee to join into their club will cost 4,200 yen. So far, there’s no problem gaining access to the website as the server is more stable than the international website.


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