K-Pop idol boy group VIXX’s (빅스) schedules have been effectively cancelled following the collapse of 2 of its members at a concert.

The group was performing in Mexico when Ravi (라비) suddenly collapsed on stage, sending STARLIGHTs (VIXX’s fans) into a shock. Some fans captured the moment on camera and in the videos below, Ravi can be heard coughing before fainting mid-song. Fellow member N then walks over to pick him up and leads him towards a stage staff.



25-year-old member Leo (레오) was also absent from the ending of the show but despite being 2 members down, the remaining VIXX members carried on with their performances. N later reassured fans, telling them not to worry as both Ravi and Leo were “resting a little”. He also urged fans to take care of themselves as “it’s very hot and there are a lot of people”.

Neither Leo nor Ravi were present at the VIP events after the show. They both had to be hospitalised and all their activities have been halted.

According to the organising company, Ravi and Leo had suffered effects from the high altitude in Mexico. Their agency, Jellyfish Entertainment, has also released an official statement via the group’s fan cafe to address the above issue:

“Hello, this is Jellyfish Entertainment.

Many fans were worried after hearing the news that Leo and Ravi fainted onstage during a concert in Mexico today, so we will update you on the situation.

The concert venue is in the highlands, and that combined with the heat inside the venue led the two members to complain of dizziness. It became clear that the two members could not continue their performance.


In order to fulfill the promise between the members and the fans, the remaining four members will continue their performances to the best of their ability. Right now, Leo and Ravi are receiving emergency treatment from a medical team and are currently recovering. All of Leo and Ravi’s schedules are canceled, and the two will return to Korea to receive treatment at a hospital and rest.

We deeply apologise for worrying the fans.”

Let’s hope that the boys will get all the help they need to recover ASAP. Fighting!

VIXX Ravi Leo
Source: Jellyfish Entertainment

VIXX is a 6-member group signed under Jellyfish Entertainment, consisting of idols N, Leo, Ken, Ravi, Hongbin, and Hyuk. All members participated in Mnet’s survival reality show MyDOL and were selected via an elimination system through viewer votes.

Sources: soompi, SBS, akp.

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