Uh-oh, copycats in the house?

Jing Bao Entertainment’s (京宝娱乐) Chinese idol girl group, AOS, released their debut music video, titled “With You”, on 9th May and netizens were quick to call out the rookie group for plagiarising GFriend, a popular K-Pop female group. Fans claim that AOS’ outfit and choreography are too similar to GFriend’s “Rough” (시간을 달려서).

Source: YouTube Screenshot
AOS (Top) and GFriend (Bottom) (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

According to Soompi, the overall visual concept for AOS’ “With You” and GFriend’s “Rough” hold too many resemblance to be just a coincidence. A comparison photo shows that the members of both groups are wearing dark blue pinafore-like uniform with a tie.


Netizens also pointed out that the dance moves are also very similar to GFriend’s, especially the “anti-clockwise” motion. Besides that, we actually think that the song itself sounds like Girls’ Generation’s “Into The New World”.

K-Pop fans are of course blasting the Chinese group with hate comments all over the internet. “School uniform, choreography, dance break. You know, it’s made in China,” a YouTube user commented.

Source: m3guo
Source: m3guo

Still wondering why is AOS so “Koreanised”?

Apparently, “With You” was composed by famous South Korean songwriters Luke Kim, Jack Kim, and Ray J, while the dance was choreographed by Young Jun Choi and Yoo So Hee. The choreographers have previously worked with K-Pop idols such as Red Velvet, GFriend, and B.A.P.

Source: m3guo
Source: m3guo

Since the track was composed and choreographed by Koreans, it’s no wonder that netizens would assume AOS is a copycat. All in all, the song is pretty decent despite the criticism its receiving.

We’ll let you be the judge of this whole fiasco. Watch the music video for “With You” below:

Sources: All Kpop, Soompi, m3guo.

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