OMG! This is possibly our favourite music video from Pink to date.

Pink has entered the world of “Alice In Wonderland“, and she has brought her husband Carey Hart and their 4-year-old daughter Willow Sage along for the ride in her magical clip for “Just Like Fire”.

Source: RCA Records

Directed by Dave Meyers, the clip starts off with Carey in the kitchen offering his wife a cup of tea before asking, “Are you just going to hang around all day?” Dangling from pink silks while hanging from the ceiling, Pink ignores her hubby and continues to spins skillfully through the room.


Cut to an adorable Willow, who is sporting a pair of light pink pigtails, as she willingly follows a blue butterfly through the looking glass and into Alice’s magical world. Intrigued, the 36-year-old rocker swings towards the mirror and enters the magic mirror as well.

pink alice
Source: RCA Records

The pop star previously shared how her little girl inspired the track, which will be featured in the upcoming “Alice Through The Looking Glass“. “She’s my inspiration for everything. I think of little girls like her when I’m doing something like this because I want it to be fun. I think of that spirit Willow has, where she’s totally uninhibited and wants to dance around naked, and that’s how I go into the song,” said the singer.

What’s awesome about Alice is the whole theme, from the start of the movie, is: Girls can do it, too. She’s the captain of her own ship, but it takes her femaleness to be that fierce, so that’s another great [message] for our house. I try to keep Willow as empowered as possible,” Pink told People.

Source: RCA Records

As Pink enters Alice’s world, she comes face-to-face with herself in various Wonderland characters. There, we see the entertainer playing every single piece on a giant chessboard and later gets into a heated argument with herself. She even gets to enjoy a kooky tea party with the Mad Hatter and frolics through a colourful field of flowers.

All in all, the “Alice Through The Looking Glass”-themed music video is thoroughly enjoyable, and the family tie-in was a nice addition to the clip. There is however a wild twist but you’ll have to watch till the end to see the punchline. We’re glad to have you back Pink!

Watch the fun music video below:

“Alice Through The Looking Glass” will open in Malaysian cinemas on 11th August 2016.


Sources: Daily Mail, People.

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