YG Entertainment’s brother-sister duo Akdong Musician (also knowns as AKMU) is going to dominate the music charts once again with their jazzy new dual title tracks “RE-BYE” and “How People Move” (사람들이 움직이는 게).

As promised, the group’s latest mini-album, “AKMU Puberty” was released earlier today (4th May) alongside 2 music videos on their YouTube channel, just in time for member Lee Suhyun’s birthday!

Debuted in 2014, Akdong Musician is made up of a pair of siblings which are 19-year-old Lee Chanhyuk and 17-year-old Lee Suhyun. The duo won the high-profilre reality show “K-Pop Star 2” in 2012 and signed an exclusive contract with YG Entertainment.

Although both members debuted at a very young age, they have musical sensibilities beyond their years. The 11 songs from their debut album, titled “Play”, were all personally written and produced by brother Lee Chanhyuk including hit singles like “200%”, “Give Love”, and “Melted”.

Source: MWave
Source: MWave

Unlike the songs in their previous album, the group’s new comeback tracks are more on the jazzy side. Although Lee Chanhyuk penned both songs himself, “RE-BYE” has a classy vibe to it while “How People Move” is upbeat, fun, and catchy.

The music video for “RE-BYE” centres around a detective storyline of a group of theatre performers and it is full of plot twists and mystery. It also stars YG’s former actress Lee Sung Kyung as a proud musical performer.

Watch the music video for “RE-BYE” below:


On the other hand, the music video for “How People Move” is set in a toy house and it has vibrant and colourful backgrounds. You get to see toys coming to life and how they “move like people”.

Check out the colourful video for “How People Move” below:

Happy Birthday Lee Suhyun and we look forward to more music from AKMU 😉 The mini-album will be available in physical stores on 9th May.

For more information, visit AKMU’s official Facebook page.

Source: Soompi / Featured image: AKMU’s Facebook page.

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