More new emojis? We say, keep ’em coming please!

The much talked about, long-awaited set of new emojis just rolled out for iOS users a couple of months ago and already, we feel like we need more. “Why isn’t there a groom emoji?” and “Wouldn’t it be great if we had a pancakes emoji too?” and “There needs to be a Batman/bat emoji” and “They forgot to make a butterfly emoji?!” and “There is no bacon emoji, I cannot deal.” and “Seriously, no butterfly emoji?!”, we could go on and on.

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Emojis have become such an integral part of our conversations that we can’t do without some of the important ones i.e. bacon. Why write out “bacon” in your Instagram caption for your awesome flatlay brunch picture when you can use an emoji to best express yourself, right? It’s so essential that even Kim Kardashian has her very own set of emojis!


Luckily, the Unicode Technical Committee just announced 79 new candidates to satisfy your emoji-cravings. Amongst the potential contender announced are such as the avocado, facepalm, butterfly, shrug, groom, bat, pancakes, and bacon emojis.

New Emojis 2016
Source: Emojipedia

Check out the full list of potential new emojis below, courtesy of Unicode:

  1. Face with cowboy hat
  2. Clown face
  3. Nauseated face
  4. Rolling on the floor laughing
  5. Drooling face
  6. Lying face
  7. Sneezing face
  8. Prince
  9. Man in tuxedo
  10. Mother Christmas
  11. Facepalm
  12. Shrug
  13. Pregnant woman
  14. Selfie
  15. Man dancing
  16. “Call me” hand
  17. Raised back of hand
  18. Left-facing fist
  19. Right-facing fist
  20. Handshake
  21. Hand with first and index finger crossed
  22. Black heart
  23. Fox face
  24. Deer
  25. Gorilla
  26. Rhinoceros
  27. Bat
  28. Eagle
  29. Duck
  30. Owl
  31. Lizard
  32. Butterfly
  33. Shark
  34. Shrimp
  35. Squid
  36. Wilted flower
  37. Croissant
  38. Avocado
  39. Cucumber
  40. Bacon
  41. Potato
  42. Carrot
  43. Baguette bread
  44. Green salad
  45. Shallow pan of food
  46. Stuffed flatbread
  47. Egg
  48. Glass of Milk
  49. Peanuts
  50. Kiwifruit
  51. Pancakes
  52. Clinking glasses
  53. Tumbler glass
  54. Spoon
  55. Octagonal sign
  56. Shopping trolley
  57. Scooter
  58. Motor scooter
  59. Canoe
  60. Person doing cartwheel
  61. Juggling
  62. Fencer
  63. Modern pentathlon
  64. Wrestlers
  65. Water polo
  66. Handball
  67. Goal net
  68. Rifle
  69. Boxing glove
  70. Martial arts uniform
  71. First place medal
  72. Second place medal
  73. Third place medal
  74. Drum with drumsticks
  75. Face with one eyebrow raised
  76. Dumpling
  77. Fortune cookie
  78. Takeout box
  79. Chopsticks

We’re rooting for quite a handful of “future emojis” on that list above. Imagine the wonders they’d do for our WhatsApp chats and Instagram posts (since Instagram allows for emoji hashtagging now). Tumbler glass? Yes! Pancakes? Of course! Butterfly? Oh my gosh heck yes!

Bacon? It’s about damn time 😀

New Emojis 2016
Source: Emojipedia

The only problem is not all the emojis on the list will make the final cut. And even if they do, it’ll be a long wait for them to be released plus, it’ll be up to the makers of member platforms like iOS and Android to implement the new Unicode standard.

Remember when the middle finger emoji was only released more than a year after the news first surfaced? Exactly. Let’s hope that they all make it into the next update.

(insert hand with first and index finger crossed emoji here)

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