If there’s anything we’ve learned from Hollywood, it’s that they can turn almost anything into a movie – even the emojis that we use on a daily basis.

Deadline broke the news that an animated movie about emojis is in the works at Sony Pictures Animation. To be honest, we’ve given up trying to make logical sense out of this piece of news and would like to express our feelings with the following emojis instead:

Source: Seventeen

Yes, Hollywood. We’re judging you so hard right now.


According to Deadline, Sony won an intense bidding war against Warner Bros. and Paramount to purchase a pitch for the emoji movie. One can only imagine that the movie executives were probably thinking about the dollar signs while fighting to purchase that pitch.

But apparently, Anthony Leondis (of “Igor” fame), who is attached to direct the movie, has mapped out “a series of storyboards outlining the entire film”. Both Paramount and Warner Bros. were attracted to the pitch, but SPA president Kristine Belson won the rights to pursue the project instead.


Leondis’ latest directing effort is “B.O.O.: Bureau of Otherworldly Operations”, a Dreamworks Animation film that will feature the voices of Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy, Matt Bomer, and Seth Rogen. He will co-write the script for the emoji movie with Eric Siegel.

No further details regarding the emoji movie were revealed, but Sony will have to move fast on this movie as another Emoji movie is reportedly being shopped around Hollywood too. This would mean that we might have have to see dueling Emoji movies over the next few years.

Considering how “The LEGO Movie” (a movie based around building block toy) and “Pixels” (a movie based around classic arcade games) have already been developed, do you think a movie about emoji will work?  What do you think the movie will revolve around? Share your thoughts in the comments box below.

Source: slashfilm.com / Featured image: seniorplanet.org

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