Instagram sure is giving popular photo editing app VSCOCAM a run for their money.

If you remember, in December, Instagram added 5 new filters after a 2-year wait. Welp, if you were waiting for more filters to arrive since then, here’s some good news for you – 3 new filters just arrived today!

Source: Instagram's Blog
Source: Instagram’s Blog

As with the previous filters (Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden, Perpetua), the new filters are meant to be subtle. So subtle that by the looks of it, one might assume that the release is a direct head-on battle with VSCOCAM. The filters are:

  1. Lark – Which desaturates reds while punching up blues and greens, suitable for landscapes
  2. Reyes – Which is meant to add a washed out, vintage look to photos
  3. Juno – Which tints cool tones green while making warm tones pop and whites gloria, suitable for portraits.

To demonstrate the above new filters:

Source: Instagram's Blog
Source: Instagram’s Blog

And that’s not the only good news!

Additionally, Instagram is bringing you a bonus update: you can also now use emoji in your hashtags. You see, until now, you couldn’t even press an emoji key while searching hashtags on Instagram. This change lets you create emoji hashtags and search for them. Yes, it’s magical.

To give you a clearer idea, here’s what it looks like:

Instagram Emoji Hashtags
Source: Huffington Post

We told you. We told you it’s magical!

The statement on their official blog reads:

Over the past few years, emoji have become part of a universal visual language. And just as we share photos and videos, we use emoji to communicate emotions and feelings in ways that anyone can understand, regardless of language or background. With emoji hashtags, you can discover even more by adding them to your own photos and videos, searching them on the Explore page and tapping on them when you see them in captions.

The popular photo-sharing social app also promises to add more new filters more regularly moving forward. It’s safe to say that we can’t wait to see what else the good people of Instagram have got up their sleeves!


Instagram for iOS version 6.11.0 is available today in Apple’s App Store, and these updates will be available today in the latest version of Instagram for Android, 6.20.0, in Google Play.

Sources: Instagram’s Blog, Huffington Post / Featured image from here.

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