By now, we’re pretty used to breaking news from the K-Entertainment world with regards to idols’ relationships and well, some shocking scandals. But this, we didn’t expect!

K-Pop idol boy group U-KISS member Ellison Kyong Jae Kim (김경재), otherwise known simply as “Eli”, took to his official Instagram to drop not one, but two bombs on everyone.

Source: Billboard

In a (now deleted) post, the Korean-American singer revealed that he actually got married last year after dating his girlfriend for a couple of year. Not only that, he also went on to say that he’s a soon-to-be daddy as his wife is 3 months pregnant!


In case you missed it, here:


As seen in the heartfelt post above, Eli announced that despite being officially married for over a year, the couple has not had a proper ceremony yet. Eli also apologised for not revealing his secret sooner, stating that he’s sorry if any U-KISS fan feel betrayed and that he understands if they no longer support the group. Aww.

Meanwhile, U-KISS’ agency NH EMG has released an official statement regarding the above news. According to their statement, Eli did not notify them of his marriage to his wife, a model who is 11 years his senior, until October 2014. This was due to the fact that Eli was worried about the news negatively affecting the agency as well as his fellow U-KISS members.

However, in early November, Eli discovered that his wife was pregnant, leading him to alerting the agency and consider announcing his marriage to the public.

Source: akp

Of course, this comes as yet another shock to U-KISS’ fans considering the fact that former U-KISS member Dongho not too long ago confirmed that he was getting married. Dongho has since tied the knot on 28th November 2015.

And well, we can’t speak for the rest of the world but we do hope that Eli, his wife, and his yet-to-be-born child will have a beautiful life together! 🙂

Source: Eli’s Instagram, soompi (1)Officially Kmusic, akp, soompi (2).

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