There’s no denying that every young girl has dreamed of owning a Barbie doll as part of their possessions. However, have you ever wondered how did the doll come about?

The Barbie’s origins will be revealed soon because according to The Tracking Board, American actress/producer Reese Witherspoon and Bruna Papandrea will be producing a film based on Robin Gerber’s “Barbie and Ruth: The Story of the World’s Most Famous Doll and the Woman Who Created Her”.

Source: Metro
Source: Metro

First published in 2010, the book chronicles “how one visionary woman and her product changed an industry and sparked a lasting debate about women’s roles”. The said visionary woman is Handler, who came up with the idea of creating Barbie after witnessing her daughter Barbara playing with paper dolls as though they were adults.


She was inspired to create the doll so that her daughter can fit the doll in the clothes that she had made for them to wear. Handler’s husband, who worked for Mattel, initially did not agree to her idea. However, the two eventually worked together and made Barbie, one of the world’s most popular toys.

Source: Flavor Wire
Source: Flavor Wire

In 1959, Handler presented the first Barbie doll at the American International Fair. The doll became a household name by 1970s, with millions of units being sold over the past 5 decades. However, the sales of the doll have fallen in recent years due to the increasing competition and the body image issues associated with the doll.

Later in life, Handler developed breast cancer and she co-founded a company that manufactured a replica of a woman’s breast which was called as “Nearly Me”.

The option on “Barbie and Ruth” continues Witherspoon’s production company Pacific Standard’s recent buying streak. Witherspoon and her producing partner Papandrea acquired the rights to a few literary properties, which include “Luckiest Girl Alive”, “Napkin Notes”, and “In A Dark, Dark Wood”.

Source: Nerdist
Source: Nerdist

MeanwhileSony Pictures has also been developing a live-action “Barbie” movie with a script written by Jenny Bicks, who is known for penning the script of “What A Girl Wants” and “Rio 2”.

The script is being rewritten by Diablo Cody who is known for “Juno” and “Young Adult”. It will portray Barbie “using her skills that she has gained in her personal life and professional experience to help others”. Rumour has it that Witherspoon is among the actresses that have been eyed by Sony to play Barbie.

So, do you think Witherspoon will nail the role as Barbie? Well, she did play well in “Legally Blonde” though 😉

Sources: /FILM, The Guardian, The Tracking Board.

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