A remarkable talent gone too soon.

According to The Hive, local TV series teen actor Tang Yi is believed to have committed suicide on Tuesday (24th November) due to exam-related stress. It is said that he was unable to cope up with the pressure after being unable to answer Additional Mathematics questions for his “Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia” (SPM).

Source: Kwong Wah
Source: Kwong Wah
Tang Yi is best known for his role in Malaysian version of “Justice Bao Jr” and a few other Chinese-language TV series.


Before he passed away, the 17-year-old student told his teacher that he wanted to go home as he was unable to answer the examination questions. The teacher asked him to stay, but according to Oriental Daily, Deputy Police Chief Mohd Sukri Kaman said that the boy didn’t want to listen to his teacher, left the exam hall, and went home anyway.

Tang Yi did not turn up for the 2nd paper in the afternoon and the concerned teacher decided to call his mother, who later called the aunt and asked her to check on him.

Source: TheHive.Asia
Source: TheHive.Asia
To the aunt’s surprise, Tang Yi was found dead with his necktie wrapped around his neck and tied to a window frame in his room at Taman Jinjang.

The young local actor has been described as a brilliant student by his school teachers. Previously, he obtained straight As for his PMR (Penilaian Menengah Rendah). As for his SPM trial exams, he scored 9As 1B

Tang Yi previously confessed to his family that he was disappointed about his SPM trial result. Thus, It is believed that the exam pressure heavily affected the actor and caused him to commit suicide.

Source: TheHive.Asia
Source: TheHive.Asia
RIP, Tang Yi. You will forever be missed.

Source: TheHive.Asia.

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