Well, that’s a blooper that a school textbook shouldn’t be making!

Apparently, an image of “Negeri-negeri yang membentuk Malaysia” (Translation: “States which form Malaysia”) is making its rounds on the interwebs and for all the wrong reasons. First posted up by the Sayangi Melaka Facebook page, the erroneous map was discovered in a Year Six History textbook meant for use in national schools next year.

Source: facebook.com/EvolusiAnakMelaka
Source: facebook.com/EvolusiAnakMelaka

As seen in the image above, Malacca has magically moved on the east coast of Peninsula Malaysia, somewhere above Terengganu. This has been highlighted by netizens, with many taking turns to take jabs at it e.g. “Melaka pindah”, “Kesian Melaka”, “Kenape pindah tak bawak pokok-pokok sekali?”.


The Ministry of Education has since responded to the history book blooper. According to The Star Online, Deputy Education Minister P. Kamala­nathan confirmed that the ministry was aware of the error and was taking steps to rectify it.

Source: malacca.ws
Source: malacca.ws

“The affected books are meant for Year Six pupils studying History in national schools in 2016. The History books for the Chinese and Tamil vernacular schools are not affected,” he said.

As for the affected books that had already been distributed to schools, P. Kamala­nathan said that those will be returned to the ministry.

Well, we most certainly hope so, and we also hope that Malacca would be returned to its original position! We almost wanted to add this “groundbreaking” piece of news to this post of ours.

Source: The Star Online.

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