Oh dear, this has certainly gone completely out of hand.

Late yesterday, an image of an English menu from a Parliament staff dinner went viral, and not because it boasts impressive dishes. But rather, “culinary art” of a different kind. You may or may not have seen it being shared on your Facebook news feed:

Scissors Salad


As seen in the picture above, the menu listed a suspicious “Scissors Salad” appetiser. Which probably meant “Caesar Salad” and not indicating a salad prepared by Edward Scissorhands.

The #OhMyEnglish boo-boo led to Malaysian netizens taking turns to take jabs at it, sparking an Internet meme. Popular pizza franchise Pizza Hut retweeted the “Scissors Salad” image and quipped, “We don’t have ‘scissors salad’ but we do have Caesar Salad. #OhMyEnglish #CaesarSalad.”

While other Malaysian netizens joked that the “killer dish” could be “perhaps a bit too sharp for the palate” and “sounds like something I’d serve to my frenemies“.

But the best reaction (so far) has to be from Malaysian Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin, who posted a picture of a bowl of lettuce shaped like scissors on Twitter:

Did anyone also notice the obviously misspelled crème brûlée (“Cream Brule”) on the menu? #OhMyEnglish indeed.

Meanwhile, Deputy Dewan Rakyat Speaker Datuk Ronald Kiandee has confirmed via his Facebook page that there were no scissors in the salad.


Source: TMI.

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