How many times have you heard your friends complain about seemingly mundane “You don’t know how lucky you actually are” problems? You know, the ones we call “first world problems”? Some are relatable while others are hilarious, such as texting in bed and having your phone fall on your face.

As such, we asked our friends about their most common “first world” complaints and came up with some “trusty” life hacks. We can’t guarantee if they’ll work or not though but you may thank us later, if you’d like 🙂

1. So much food, so little stomach, so spoilt for choice?


As Malaysians, we love food. And food is readily available around the clock. There’s so much food, there’s too much food, there’s enough food to render you indecisive. How are Malaysians expected to make decisions or function on a daily basis? It’s ale good when there are social media-esque food apps like Zomato. After all, life is too short to search endlessly/aimlessly for good food. Psst. Apparently the killer dish “scissors salad” is all the rage now. How about give that one a go too while you’re at it, eh?

2. Overate during breakfast/lunch/dinner & now food coma?


Aanndd food coma. Did you know that your brain takes awhile (around 20 minutes) to register that your stomach is full? If you keep stuffing yourself, you’re bound overeat. Ironically, digesting food can take an awful lot of energy. Hence the food coma. It’s ale good! Just chew 22 times before you swallow to wait out the process 😀 Only kidding. Bend over forwards, put your head at heart level, to help the flow of blood (and therefore oxygen) to your brain. Do this every few minutes until the drowsiness passes. Or drink plenty of water to help flush out your system faster.

3. Bad breakup & ex keeps appearing in your Facebook news feed?

Ex On Facebook

We know, we feel you because been there, done that, bought the T-shirt. Not only do you keep seeing your ex appear in your news feed (dammit, Facebook algorithm!), you also keep seeing the trail of your ex’s “new life”. Don’t want to unfollow/unfriend your ex? We get it. Luckily, Facebook has new tools to conveniently limit how much of your ex you see on the platform, how much your ex sees of you, and limit people’s ability to see past posts of you and your ex! It’s ale good. Now, you just need to find a way to hide your ex in real life..

4. Dropping your smartphone on your face while texting in bed?

iRing Smartphone Holder

It’s okay, you can admit it – this has happened more times than you would’ve liked. Get one of those finger ring smartphone holder things! It’s so nifty, it even doubles as a smartphone stand and helps steady your hand when taking pictures. Ta-dah! Problem(s) solved and it’s ale good. Your phone won’t slip away and slap you in the face while you’re texting in bed anymore. Unless if you fall asleep and drop your entire arm on your face, well, then we can’t help you there. Some coffee, perhaps?


5. “Oh my gosh I love this song! This is my song! ..What is it called?”


Guilty as charged. Many times in our drunken stupor we’ve heard a good song play in a club or at a festival but we don’t know who it’s from or what it’s called. Then you ask your equally drunk friends and guess what? They don’t know either! It’s ale good, there’s always Shazam – if your data coverage is behaving (it tends to suck at festivals for some reason), that is. Otherwise, if you heard the said song/track at a dance music festival, there’s always 1001 Tracklists. You just need to wait a couple of days for it to turn up in the DJ’s set list and pray that it isn’t “ID”. Because that, right there, would be a real problem.

6. “Yay Friday! I need to get my drank on! ..But a healthy one.”

Drinks Alcohol
Source: Flickr

With food, come drinks! Similar to food, choosing “the right drink” from a wide variety of drinks could pose as a huge problem. Would you leave the waiter just standing there at the edge of your table while you make an important drink life decision? He ain’t got all day (or night), bro. Excuse us while we let slip that, according to, ales typically have one of the highest phenol concentrations, meaning they also pack more heart-protecting powers than other beer varieties. See, we got it covered for you. Now go grab a pint of premium Irish ale Kilkenny. It’s ale good 😉

This ale good article was proudly brought to you by our friends at Kilkenny.

For more information on Kilkenny, visit their Facebook page.

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