Oh no, Malaysian celebrity Nora Danish is getting a lot of flak for modelling a tudung that apparently looks like a Christian nun’s wimple.

Note: A wimple is a cloth headdress covering the head, the neck, and the sides of the face, formerly worn by women and still worn by some nuns.

Nora Danish Nun Tudung
Source: Nora Danish’s Instagram

The 34-year-old actress was modelling the headscarf for the launch of her hijab line, “OWLbyND” last week when scores of netizens took to Nora’s Instagram account to criticise her. At the same time, she also got hit with accusations of showing an “Illuminati symbol” as she appeared with an owl on the catwalk.


Nora has since apologised for her actions. Local portal mStar Online quoted her as saying:

Honestly, I’m a positive-thinking person and I didn’t realise that I looked like a nun as claimed on social media.

“But, I admit that it was my mistake for not being observant enough. I was the one who requested for clothes and a tudung like a hoodie, but when I modelled it on stage, I didn’t realise it was backwards and looked like that,” she added.

As for her decision to model with the owl, Nora said that it merely symbolised “OWLbyND”.

Source: instagram.com/owlbynd
Source: instagram.com/owlbynd

“I’m sad because the tudung was just launched, but people have already criticised it,” she said.

Source: MMO, mStar Online.

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