Oh dear, we just learnt that one of our favourite South Korean comedians will be taking a break from work due to severe anxiety disorder.

And this is coming not too long after he was forced to cancel a lot of his schedules as he was hospitalised with pneumonia in September ūüôĀ

Jung Hyung Don Anxiety Disorder


As confirmed by his company FNC Entertainment, the ever cheerful Jung Hyung Don (Jeong Hyeong-don) will be leaving the limelight for awhile to attend to more important matters – his well-being.

We know it’s a little hard to believe because Jung Hyung Don is such funny man and he never fails to make us laugh!

In an official statement, FNC Entertainment said:

Broadcaster Jung Hyung Don is planning to take a halt on broadcast activities for the time being because of health reasons. We apologize to the viewers who have liked Jung Hyung Don, the staff who have made his programs, and cast mates for relaying this news so suddenly. Jung Hyung Don has been suffering from anxiety disorder since a long time ago and it has recently gotten worse. He has had a lot of trouble continuing on with broadcast. Eventually, after discussing with his broadcast staff, company and cast members, he has decided on taking a break.

FNC added, “During his break, he will give all of his focus on recovering his health, and his company will not spare aid in helping him focus on healing. The company will also put in every effort so that Jung Hyung Don will be able to make a broadcast comeback in the shortest time possible, to bring cheerful laughs to viewers again. We apologize once again for delivering this type of news, and we ask for encouragement for Jung Hyung Don.”

As such, the TV star will be taking a leave from his programs including “Infinity Challenge”, “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator”, “Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education”, “Weekly Idol”, and “People of Full Capacity”. We know, right? We’re bummed too.

We do hope that he will recover in a jiffy and come back soon. Jung Hyung Don, fighting!

Sources: akp, soompi.

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