Great Scott!

According to Christopher Lloyd’s Emmett Lathrop “Doc” Brown in “Back to the Future II”, we are now living in the future, though it’s a little different from what he had envisioned.

Source: International Business Times
Source: International Business Times

The “Back to the Future” film franchise is an American science fiction-adventure film series that follows the adventures of a high school student, Marty McFly (played by Michael J. Fox), and an eccentric scientist, Dr. Emmett L. Brown (played by Christopher Lloyd), as they use a DeLorean time machine to time travel to different periods in the history of Hill Valley, California.


It’s no surprise that this trilogy is considered one of the most best film trilogies of all time because it is an incredibly delightful, nostalgic, and playful film series.

And needless to say, it went on to gain a cult following.

Fans around the globe had earlier celebrated the “Back to the Future” day on 21st October 2015, the day that Marty and Doc chose to travel forward in time from 1989’s “Back to the Future II”.

In celebration of this special day, cinemas around the world held special screenings of the film series. And of course, we were a tad disappointed when we didn’t get the same treatment.

Luckily, TGV Cinemas just announced that they will be having a special “Back To The Future” marathon at selected cinemas in Klang Valley next month.

Back to the Future Trilogy TGV

According to TGV Cinemas, the “Back to the Future” trilogy will be shown at TGV Cinemas KLCC, TGV Cinemas Sunway Pyramid, and TGV Cinemas 1 Utama on 7th and 8th November


Tickets will be priced at RM25 and the trilogy will run for 360 minutes with 15 minutes break-time in between each episode.

Stay tuned to TGV Pictures’ official Facebook page for more timely updates.

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