Remember Marty McFly’s super cool Nike kicks that was featured in 1989’s cult film “Back to the Future 2”? And if you can remember correctly, their future was set in 2015! It’s almost 2015 now and a little part of us always hoped that we could own that pair of shoes.

Because..just look at how cool it is!


“Power laces? All right!”

And it seems like McFly’s Nike kicks might be here sooner than we thought because the production company behind “Back in the Future” franchise has granted the release of the iconic futuristic shoes at!

Unfortunately, that pair of iconic futuristic shoes worn by Marty McFly in “Back to the Future 2” still doesn’t feature the self-tying technology..YET. In fact, the iconic Nike swoosh will not be featured on the shoes since Nike has already released a limited-edition replica of McFly’s Nike Kicks in 2011.

Halloween Costumes Back to the Future Marty McFly shoes

Despite the absence of the iconic Nike swoosh and the self-tying technology, the replica of McFly’s power laces is as real as it gets. With an adjustable Velcro straps around ankle and elastic on top of the shoes, the power laces come in various sizes that would allow just about anyone to wear them.

The shoes bear a striking resemblance to McFly’s Nikes with its hi-top style and rechargeable soles. Yes, just like Nike’s version of Power Laces, the shoes are a rechargeable pair of footwear with includes a USB port to ensure the LED lights can be lit up at all time. As the shoes are being sold at, it is important to note that the shoes are meant to be part of the Halloween costumes instead of real walking shoes.

The shoes are expected to be released on 30th September at a whopping price of USD99.

So, what’s next? The hoverboards? We totally don’t mind getting one of them to avoid traffic jams. Just saying.


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