When news first surfaced that former SNSD Girls’ Generation Jessica Jung officially parted ways, we knew that it wouldn’t be the last we hear of her. In fact, we had a sneaky suspicion that it was only the beginning – and our hunch was right!

As it is, Jessica has been working hard on her fashion brand, “BLANC & ECLARE“, in the past year. That’s not all because she was also previously rumoured to be cooking something up in the studio with Michael Jackson’s brother. So you can be damn well sure that she’s steadily building up her brand name as Jessica Jung.

Jessica Jung SM Entertainment
Source: Jessica Jung’s Instagram

And now, she’ll be adding another feather in her cap as it has been revealed that she’s making her way into the entertainment industry of the actor/actress kind!


According to a 27th October (Tuesday) Sina Entertainment report, Jessica was recently spotted filming alongside Hong Kong actor William Chan (Wei Ting). The duo were seen filming a part for an upcoming Chinese film at a Beijing restaurant. Apparently, Jessica was spotted by fans who were cheering her on from the sidelines at the scene.

It was also said that William Chan seen helping Jessica out with the Chinese lines in her script. Aww 🙂

Source: Weibo
Source: Weibo

This will mark Jessica’s return to acting after her stint in the 2012 drama, “Wild Romance”, where she played the supporting role of Kang Jong Hee.

The film is said to be a romantic-comedy genre called “Love Delivery” (愛情包郵) but it is not known as of yet which or what role Jessica will play. “Love Delivery” is a Korean-Chinese joint venture movie that will also star Tang Yixin and Nicholas Tse with a 2016 release schedule.

Sica-ah, fighting!

Sources: TV Report via Koreaboo, soompi.

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