There are no short cuts in life and there’s certainly no way you’re going to a club without breaking the bank. After all, nothing has really gone cheaper since the currency dropped.

Sure, you can attempt to lessen your night outs or cut down on alcohol, but will you succeed? Can you give those nights up? We know for certain that some of you can’t resist going out every Friday night, especially if you’re the kind of person who likes to have fun and let loose on the dance floor.

Zouk Club KL 2015
Source: Zouk Club KL’s official Facebook page

So, since there’s no stopping you from going out and losing yourself to dance, we’ll share some of the most useful “clubhacks” that will ensure a smashing time 🙂


Whether you’re a club virgin or veteran, these tried-and-true nuggets have definitely made our clubbing experience that much more pleasant.

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1. Wear the right clothes, both style and comfort wise

Source: Forever 21 via
Source: Forever 21 via

Wearing anything too expensive will definitely make you feel regret the choices you’ve made by the end of the night because spilled drinks might just ruin your outfit.

For ladies, if you’re going for a posh night out, consider renting your party dress at websites such as Plush Porter for a fraction of the price. Just make sure you don’t ruin it because you’ll have to pay for the damage.

Otherwise, just stick with outfits that make you feel both comfy and stylish at the same time. If the club has a dress code, stick to it. Most clubs have a dress code to raise their standards and maintain a classy clientele.

2. Put your hands in the air…like you really care

Source: Genius
Source: Genius

For the love of God, please apply deodorant or antiperspirant before you put your hands up in the air like you just don’t care.


Don’t get us wrong, but you have no idea how gross it is to be dancing with someone with really bad body odour. We recommend applying antiperspirant that will soak up the sweat and make you smell great.

3. Wear flats, especially if you’re going to dance

Source: H&M
Source: H&M

Unless if you’re willing to stand the pain or if you’re able to dance in them comfortably, don’t wear heels! We mean it.

We’re not asking you to wear slippers, but you should definitely wear shoes that you know you can dance/stand in all night. Be it sneakers or flats or oxford shoes; as long as they are not brand new or hard to walk in. If necessary, put heel inserts that can offer arch support and relieve ball of foot and heel pain.

Otherwise, just don’t complain the entire night about how much your feet hurt.

4. “Travel” as light as possible

Cell phone? Check. Cash? Check. Identification card? Check. All right then, you’re good to go.

Truth be told, there’s only a few boxes of items you should check off before you head to a club. Carrying a bag that you bring on a daily basis is a bad move, especially if you’re going to dance like there’s no tomorrow. Just imagine the heavy weight on your shoulder!

Also, beware of pickpockets in the club, especially you have a tendency to lose stuff.

5. Set a budget by just bringing what you’ll spend

Malaysian Ringgit
Source: TODAY

Listen. If you think you’re financially stable, then go ahead and splurge all night. Otherwise, don’t even think about spending all your life savings on partying all night.

One way to stop yourself from spending way too much is by setting a budget. If you put RM200 in your wallet, that’s the only amount of money you’re going to spend. If you put RM300 in your wallet, you will spend RM300. You get the picture, don’t you?

Leave your credit card at home too! When you’re drunk, you will never know what you’ll do with that card.

6. Charge your phone and bring a power bank

Source: PC Advisor
Source: PC Advisor

Going to a club without a cell phone is big no-no, but going with a cell phone that is not fully charged is practically asking for trouble.

When you’re going to a club, you have to depend on your phone like your life depends on it…literally. Your phone is one way for you to get help if you run into trouble.

Bring a power bank, just in case your phone runs low on battery. Otherwise, just put it on airplane mode and text a friend every hour to let him/her know that you are okay. Make sure you remember your friends’ phone numbers too!

7. Have confidence and use social media to get onto guestlist


Getting into events uninvited is not entirely impossible, but don’t try to buy your way into an event.

It all comes to social engineering. Whether you want to have fun or connect with VIPs, getting onto guestlist would usually require one to be a social butterfly. Your social skills might just be your VIP pass. However, bouncers and door bitches will always have a final say over who enters and who leaves the club. So, confidence is always the key.

Here’s another good news though: Soon, you can get your name on Zouk KL’s highly coveted guestlist via their mobile app 😉

8. Choose off-peak nights

Zouk Club KL Wednesday and Thursday Off-Peak Nights

If you fancy a less-crowded club, just go during off-peak nights. At Zouk KL, a certain group of people will be given free entry during weekdays before a certain time.

For example, international students and expats can get free entry at Zouk KL on Thursdays before 12am. Those who work in banking, advertising, and real estate entry can come in with business cards to get free entry on Wednesdays before midnight. Before 11:30pm, everyone can get acess to all rooms in Zouk KL with one price on Wednesday and Thursday.

So, set aside a Wednesday or Thursday night to invite a couple of your friends along and get ready to mingle 😉

9. Bring a close female friend (or two)

Girls in Club

The more, the merrier indeed!

If you’re a woman, great. Your drinks are free all night long on ladies night (and that usually falls on Wednesday). If you’re a man, bring a female friend along so that you can drink for free all night long as well.

Ladies can get free entry at Zouk KL on weekdays before 12am. This can save you up to RM30 per visit. In fact, if you and your friends come in a group of 6, all of you can save up to RM90 (to a total of up to RM240) when you purchase a bottle from its bar promo list at RM308 and RM388.

10. Be an early bird

Zouk Main Room at the new Zouk KL
Zouk Main Room at the new Zouk KL

Most night clubs increase their entrance fees after 11pm or 12am because they know that the crowds will start flooding in around midnight. It’s best to show up early and avoid lines to save money at the entrance.

And no, it’s not LAME to get into a club a little early. Sure, the crowd is a little dead, but at least you can settle in and pick a good spot. If you’re a guy, you can be the first guy that a girl talks to rather the 5th of 6th. Dibs!

In fact, you can even spend some time with the bartender and get your party mood on when the clock strikes 12! At Zouk KL, tourists can enter the club for free before 1am on any day while everyone else can get into APEX in Zouk for free daily.

11. Have some pre-drinks at home or outside of the club

Drinking alone at a bar
Source: The Drunk Pirate

You want to party, but you’re broke.

Well, why don’t you start your party early at home or somewhere else before you head to a club? Of course, you will have to maintain your buzz once you started drinking. After that, you won’t feel the need to spend all your money just to get your buzz going.

Zouk Cafe bar will help you save 50% for a mug/jug of beer during its happy hour from 5pm to 10pm daily. You can also save 50% off a glass of beer or a house pour during weekday from 10pm to 12am.

12. Pick a drink and stick to it


If you’re going to drink beer all night, stick with beer all night then.

Drinking more than one type of alcohol will usually have a stronger effect on a person. We recommend sticking to one kind of base alcohol throughout the entire night.

13. Don’t buy party shooters…

Source: Total Frat Move
Source: Total Frat Move

…unless if there’s a promotion or if you’re celebrating someone else’s birthday.

Getting drunk on pitchers of beers is usually cheaper than getting drunk on party shooters. But at Zouk KL, one can save up to RM15 for a tray of 5 popular party shooters such as Jagerbombs and Tequila shots. The usual price is RM125 (now RM110) and RM140 (now RM125) respectively.

Popular deals such as birthday parties are also available on week nights with savings up to RM750.

14. Know your limits and never leave your drinks unattended

Source: Daily Star
Source: Daily Star

We have been to our fair share of parties, but being in the club means being extra careful with the drinks we’re about to consume.

There are cases where clubbers were drugged only to wake up the next day finding out they’ve been robbed or raped. So, never ever leave your drinks unattended or accept a drink from someone, even if they’re your closest friends.

If you put down your drink and walk away even for a second, you can forget about it and request for a new one instead. Also, know your drinking limit so that you can remember everything and get home safely.

15. Stay hydrated at all times

Source: Live in Style

You’ve heard it before. Whether you’re drinking alcohol or not, staying hydrated in the club is extremely important.

If you stick to a 1:1 ratio of water to alcoholic beverages, chances of you getting drunk is lower and it will also cure a hangover quickly.

16. Be nice, but not too nice

Be nice at party
Source: Tumblr

Being cool is better than looking cool in the club, so don’t be a snob and just be nice to everyone else. If someone smiles, smile back. Politely decline strangers if you don’t feel comfortable dancing with them.

Be nice and smile wisely though. You definitely do not want to be stuck with a creep in a club. You will thank us later.

17. Learn to say no and protect yourself

Source: Devian Art
Source: Devian Art

If someone offers you drugs, say no.

If someone tries to take advantage of you, say no.

If you didn’t like being grinded by a stranger, say no and walk away.

When you’re at a club, everything comes down to mutual respect between one and another. And if you fail to respect others, don’t expect the rest to respect you either because you’ve already lost their respect.

18. Think ahead and plan a safe way home

Uber Malaysia Illegal Service

If you and your friends are planning to get drunk in the club, get a designated driver or call UBER to bring you to the club and take you back home.

Not only will it prevent you from spending on expensive parking fees, you can also prevent receiving summons because the roads leading out of Kuala Lumpur are famous for road blocks after hours.  In fact, we most certainly do not condone drinking and driving.

So, it’s best to think ahead and plan a safe journey home. Let your friends know where you’re going before leaving a club, just in case they can’t find you the next morning.

19. Sober up with post-clubbing meals

Sources: &
Sources: &

Nothing is better than rewarding yourself with a post-drinking meal after a fun night out.

The good thing about clubbing in Malaysia is that most restaurants are opened ’till late night. Even if you partied until 2am in the morning, there are tonnes of food courts and “mamak”s for you to choose from.

So, go ahead and replenish with delectable food before heading home 😉

20. Prepare your room before going out

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

Before you go out and have a fun night out, prepare your room by getting your makeup wipes, pyjamas, and a huge glass of water ready by your bed. Once you get home, you can remove all of your makeup, stay hydrated, and change into your pyjamas in minutes.

And the cycle continues on your next night out 😉

What are some clubbing hacks that you and your friends have sworn to live by when you go out clubbing? Share them with us in the comments box below.


Don’t forget to stay tuned to our site and Zouk KL’s website or Facebook page as they will be rewarding their loyal fans through their “Value Guide”, the first of its 3-part 2015 consumer campaign.

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