Get ready this Halloween, as Zouk KL will be putting up the biggest monsta fest, #FreakOut!

The superclub will be transformed into a cirque for freaks, with plenty of action, sideshows, and carnival games, with prizes plus cash for the coolest, scariest, freakiest costumes (yep you read right!) to be won.



Zouk KL is upping the ante at this year’s production – the most extravagant yet – to mark one of the most important events on the clubbing calendar at its new home, TREC.

The Courtyard at Zouk KL will morph into a cirque-like arena with appearances from the Fire-eater aka The Red Devil; Two-headed girl; The Twisted Contortionist; Zombified Muscle Man; Princess Python, the seductive snake charmer; Killer Clown & his diabolical mini-me; The Wizard from Hell (Dark Magic Show); The Infamous Bearded Lady, and more.

What’s Halloween without a treat? There will be chock-full of fun games including Balloon Dart, Knock-Over-Milk-Bottles, Wheel of Fortune, Ring Toss and more, where partygoers can win Zouk merchandise.

That’s not all! Freaks at Zouk KL can revel at the launch of the Smirnoff Ice Black at Zouk Main Room (with a Count Dracula theme). Zouk’s Main Room will be transformed into Count Dracula’s Mansion on 31st October and freaks heading to Zouk’s Main Room will be entitled a drink with their cover-charge, and they can redeem a Smirnoff Black cocktail in a blood bag 😉

And, of course, 3 freakiest Freaks will walk away with RM1,000, RM800, and RM500 + bottles, for the best costumes.


#FreakOut, yet?

Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out Zouk KL’s “Value Campaign“. They never run out of surprises, hey 😉

For more information, visit Zouk’s website or Facebook page.

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