Remember that time we couldn’t stop raving about the “Star Wars” R2D2 All Nippon Airways (ANA) plane? Apparently, it’s going to be within reach!

In honour of the iconic sci-fi film series, ANA reportedly painted one of its brand-new Boeing 787s with an R2D2 motif.

According to ANA, this is part of a 5-year “Star Wars Project” that will presumably bring more “Star Wars“-themed airliners into its fleet, based out of Japan.

And the plane is heading to Singapore!

First announced by Changi Airport, the Singapore airport will be the first Asian stop outside Japan to welcome the R2D2 jet on 12th November. The plane will be making a 2-night stop at Changi Airport and fans will be able to be part of an event on 14th November.

ANA R2D2 Plane

How to get a chance to board the plane? There are online contests on ANA’s website and the Changi Airport Facebook page that Jedis can join!

There are total of 20 pairs of tickets are up for grabs. Winners will get a tour of the aircraft, which comes with “Star Wars”-themed headrests and dining ware. They will also be able to watch one of the movies from the Star Wars saga, marking the first time the movies have been available for viewing on a commercial flight.


The 40 fans will receive an in-flight meal in a business class seat, as well as goodie bags with limited-edition commemorative merchandise, such as an R2D2 ANA jet model plane and a “Star Wars” plush toy.

Note: The contests are open to Singaporean residents only though.

Apart from domestic routes in Japan, the R2-D2 jet will also fly between Tokyo and Vancouver in Canada, Seattle and San Jose in the US, Munich, Paris and Brussels in Europe, Sydney in Australia, Beijing in China, and Jakarta in Indonesia.

Sources: CNA, Changi Airport’s Facebook page, ANA’s website.

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