When we say “royal couple”, we don’t mean The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. This is a royal couple of a different kind – of the music industry, to be precise.

Word on the street is that Scottish DJ/producer Calvin Harris (real name Adam Richard Wiles) and pop artiste Taylor Swift aka Tay Tay have split. First reported by Radar Online, Tay Tay apparently dumped Calvin Harris after finding out that he paid a visit to a Thai massage parlour, famed for “happy ending” services.

Source: Splash News via radaronline.com
Source: Splash News via radaronline.com

As seen in the picture above, Calvin was caught on camera as he was exiting the Thai massage parlour in Los Angeles after a 2-hour visit. Radar Online even went on to quote an “insider”, who said that Tay Tay was immediately suspicious about happened inside.


The insider also added that the 31-year-old DJ/producer has his own masseuse and instead of coming clean about what really happened, he “lied” to Tay Tay and “gave some bullish*t excuse that his masseuse was sick and he needed his shoulder worked on”.

Gotta say that this insider knows a lot about Calvin and Tay Tay, doesn’t she/he? It all sounds too juicy to be true, no?

Source: Taylor Swift's Instagram
Source: Taylor Swift’s Instagram

Well, it didn’t take Calvin very long to step in and call the report out to be untrue. Of course, by the time he took matters into his own hands, the rumours had already spread like wildfire. And why wouldn’t it? They’re the royal couple anyway.

But we digress!

A couple of hours ago, Calvin took to Twitter to respond to the outrageous story, claiming them to be defamation and threatening to sue whoever who was responsible.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 12.45.29 PM
Source: Twitter

Yeah, the royal couple are still together, you guys!

So lets channel your focus on something else. Perhaps on how funny DJ/EDM photographer Rukes can be 😀

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